Building Bridges of Hope for the World's Children

Our Mission

The mission of Sadananda Foundation is to support women and children throughout India and the world who are impoverished and lacking opportunities for advancement by funding projects that provide them with basic necessities and a quality education rooted in human values and reverence for all life.

We currently support two projects based in India:

For more information about these projects, and to make donations to support this good work, please visit their respective websites.

Our Name

The name of our organization comes from a little boy found abandoned under a bridge in Omkareshwar, the site of the Children of Ma Anandamayi Fund. This island village has been a pilgrimage destination for spiritual seekers for thousands of years. Visitors travel here from every corner of India to receive spiritual blessings. On this occasion, a little boy's parents, unable to care for him, left him at this holy site.


He was found by our friends at the Anandamyi Ma Ashram School who took him in immediately as one of their family even though he spoke a different language — the language of the state of Orissa, which happens to be the site of our Shantipuri Friends Fund. The head of the Ashram, Swami Kedarnath, named him "Sadananda", meaning "always blissful". After overcoming his initial fear and bewilderment, he grew into his name, bringing joy to the whole community. Five years later, family members returned to the island to take him back home; yet, for him, the Ashram community had become his home and he didn't want to leave!

Sadananda's story symbolizes our mission: to take the lost ones from under the bridge; to give them a loving home; to teach them a new language — of self-worth and compassion, of a quality education grounded in human values, and of hope for a brighter future for themselves and our world community; and to leave them "always blissful". And, with unconditional love, to let them go, as we did for the real Sadananda and many others like him. Trusting that the seeds that we plant will impact the world far more than we may ever know.

Sadananda was able to receive those years of education and nurturing due to sponsor donations. If you would like to help us build more bridges of hope for children and young women in need, please visit the "Distant Adoption" pages of either of our projects.

Children of Ma Anandamayi Fund


Available Sponsorships:

Day Student:
Supports the education of children able to commute to school daily
Hostel Student:
Supports the education of a student living full time at the school
Sponsor a Teacher:
Provides the monthly salary for one of the School's much-needed teachers — a tremendous boon for the whole school

Shantipuri Friends Fund


Available Sponsorships:

Beatrix School:
Allows children in and around the leper colony to receive an education at the only school available to them
Provides disabled girls with physical therapy and education
Birikote & Sikermaha:
Provides girls in remote farming regions with an education and vocational training
Allows the poorest children of this fishing village to receive an education, and, for girls, gives them an escape from forced prostitution
Save Children:
Supports young women in Pentakotta rescued from prostitution